1. Enable the integration

The QuickBooks GL integration is disabled by default on your Platform. Message us if you want to turn it on. Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks, requires that Platforms complete several manual steps to set up a QuickBooks integration. We handle this for you. It can take up to a few business days, but we usually get it done much sooner (the day of).

2. Understand how your end users authorize a QuickBooks connection

QuickBooks requires that Platforms create an “app” to manage how their end users securely grant permissions to their QuickBooks accounting data. The app controls the authorization process, and generates secure access tokens that Teal uses to read/write accounting data.

The app will reflect your branding. It’s crucial to understand this since end users will see this app in their QuickBooks account once they grant you permission. Rest assured, we manage the app’s setup, hosting, and maintenance.

3. Implementing the Authorization Flow in Your UI

We’ll notify you when your platform is ready for the QuickBooks GL integration. Once this is done, you must embed a visible link or your end users to connect their QuickBooks account. This link is an auth link, and it will trigger the authorization flow.

To set up this link:

  • Use the auth-link endpoint to create the auth link.
  • Define a redirect_url to specify where your end users should land once authorization is complete

When users click on the auth link:

  • They’ll be directed to QuickBooks for app authorization.
  • They’ll be prompted to enter their QuickBooks login details and grant you permission to access their data.
  • Finally, users land on the previously set redirect_url.