Provision your Platform

A Platform is Teal’s representation of our Customers: the Neobank or Vertical SaaS. All of Teal’s APIs operate within the scope of a Platform.

We provision your Platform for you. If you do not already have a provisioned Platform, reach out to your Teal contact or visit the Teal home page to get in touch.


Create a developer account

Once we have provisioned your Platform, you can access our Developer Portal. You will need to create an account using your company email address.


Generate a Sandbox API token

Tokens should always be kept secret. Don’t share outside of your organization and be careful when sharing within.

Calls to our API are authenticated using a bearer token and are sent to our API using an Authentication: Bearer <token> HTTP header.

You can create and manage these tokens in the Developer Portal. Tokens are unique to your Platform and to the API environment.

We support two different API environments:

  • Sandbox: https://api.sandbox.teal.dev
  • Production: https://api.teal.dev

Our sandbox environment is separate from our production environment. Sandbox is intended to be used during development.


Call the API

Test that you are setup to access the API by making a test call. Run the following cURL command in your client or use the API Reference in our docs. Replace <API token> with the appropriate values for your sandbox Platform.

curl --location --request GET 'https://api.sandbox.teal.dev/v0/platform' --header 'Authorization: Bearer <API token>'

If successful, you should see a response that looks like the following:

  "id": 12345,
  "name": "Platform Name"