Teal helps SMB software companies build accounting products for their customers. The Teal platform is flexible and intended to be customized to your own use case.

Here are some examples of what you can build with Teal:

  • A simple enhancement to a banking product that allows customers to analyze their cash flow. (e.g. “Mint for your small business”).
  • Accounting features that sync to a customer’s existing accounting package (e.g. QuickBooks, Xero), such as dashboards, charts, custom reports, and workflows.
  • A fully-featured accounting suite that allows customers to prepare and manage their bookkeeping and accounting.
  • A managed bookkeeping service which prepares bookkeeping on your customers’ behalf with live bookkeepers.
  • A tax filing service that collects customer tax documents and combines them with their bookkeeping data to prepare and file their business income tax returns. (coming in 2024)

Often, the most valuable implementation is a combination of these offerings. For example, a Neobank might offer a simple cash flow analysis tool for free, with an upgrade path to a full-featured accounting suite that 2-way syncs to a customer’s QuickBooks account, which can be further upgraded with a built-in live bookkeeper and tax filer.

Teal offers native integrations with external data sources such as Plaid, and other accounting packages such as QuickBooks, with more coming soon. It also supports integrations with your own sources for data such as banking transactions and balances, payroll data, payments data, and more.


Live Teal demo

We have live demos available of multiple Teal apps. Contact us for a live walkthrough.